Municipal Affairs

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The MSU advocates on municipal issues in order to enhance students’ lives in the city McMaster is housed in.  Through collaborating with and lobbying to key stakeholders, the SRA Municipal Affairs Committee represents student issues while remaining receptive to community concerns and suggestions.

Some of the committee’s priorities this year are transit, community engagement, student housing, and city council engagement. Through rewriting the transit policy and lobbying to key stakeholders, we will advocate for better service for all McMaster students both living in and outside of Ward One. This includes advocating for the success of the LRT and BLAST network and increased service during evenings and weekends. In order to show our commitment to working with the community, we will have strong representation on several community committees include AWCA, AWWCA, PBAC, and ChangeCamp. Student housing continues to be a pressing issue for McMaster students: we will work to implement a Landlord Wiki and Rating System for McMaster students while advocating for a landlord licensing system to increase students’ standards of living. Finally, we will ensure the Municipal Affairs Committee has a strong presence at relevant City Council meetings to advocate for student interests. As well, we will engage all McMaster students in municipal affairs in preparing for next year's election.

For more information, please contact Associate Vice-President of Municipal Affairs Stephanie Bertolo at 

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