Municipal Affairs


The MSU advocates to key stakeholders on municipal issues in order to enhance students’ lives in Hamilton. The SRA Municipal Affairs Committee represents students’ issues while remaining receptive to community concerns and suggestions.

Here are a few of the many issues the municipal affairs team will be working on this year:

           1) We're excited to continue promoting and expanding the landlord rating tool. We'll also be monitoring and pushing forward the Ward 1 landlord licensing pilot project at City Hall, and assessing its impact to make sure it is actually improving the off-campus living conditions of students. Both these initiatives will help make sure that students must have good, safe homes while avoiding predatory landlords.

           2) We'll work with the Education team and Councillor Maureen Wilson to assess where improved lighting is needed in student neighbourhoods. Then, we will enhance visibility in those areas to make sure students are safe at any time of day. Student safety in and around McMaster is critical and will require collaboration and input from all students.

           3) Throughout the year, we'll be advocating to the HSR and city councillors on a number of transit objective as well, such as increasing Sunday HSR service and eliminating area rating. Transit is key to making sure students can get to school and are effectively integrated into the city.

Attending meetings of local organizations like the AWCA, AWWCA, and HTA will allow the MSU to work closely with the community, and ensure we have a voice in the direction of the city now and in the future.

We're always open to feedback or questions.

For more information, please contact Associate Vice-President of Municipal Affairs Ryan Tse at

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