Policy Conference

The MSU Policy Conference is an oppor­tunity for students to provide their perspective and feedback on the issues that the MSU is asking of the University and all levels of government. 

Students need not be experts on these top­ics - people simply need to be willing to participate in the conversation. Delegates for the conference will be provided with draft policies in advance of the conference for an opportunity to learn more about each topic. As well, training will be provided on conference day to ensure that delegates have an understanding and the tools needed to critically engage in discussions with eachother and with the policy authors.

In addition to policy discus­sion, there will also be an oppor­tunity for students to learn about how the MSU advocates, how to get involved fur­ther with advocacy on campus, and to hear from guest speakers. 

This term, the papers being discussed are:

Fall 2017 Policy Conference will be on November 5th from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM in TwelvEighty and KTH. Sadly, registration for Fall 2017 Policy Conference has ended! Please check back for more information on the Spring 2018 Policy Conference.


Past Policy Conference Topics

Fall 2017: International Students, Sexual and Gender Diversity, Ancillary Fees

Spring 2018: Indigenous Students, First Year Transition, Food Security

To view the MSU Policy Bank, please click here

For more information, contact Ryan Deshpande, Vice President (Education) via vped@msu.mcmaster.ca or 905-525-9140 ext. 24017.

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