Federal Advocacy

Current Efforts

  • Completing Federal Budget submissions on behalf of UCRU
  • Improving access for Indigenous Students
  • Increasing the availability of funds through Canada Federal Student Loans Program

Our Role in Advocacy

Advocacy at the Provincial level incorporates the Federal government, our informal lobbying organization UCRU, and collaboration with other post-secondary institutions around Canada.

What is UCRU?

UCRU, Undergraduates of Canadian Research-Intensive Universities, is a coalition of the student unions representing the top 15 research intensive universities across Canada (U15). UCRU lobbies to the federal government for changes to post-secondary student life based on the collective interests of its members. Since UCRU is not a formal organization, there is no formal membership associated with it.

What is CASA?

CASA is the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations and is much the same as OUSA, except CASA lobbies the federal government.  CASA is comprised of 18 full member schools, 6 associate member schools and about 300,000 students. CASA is also research based and member driven, which has resulted in a tremendous amount of respect from the federal government.  CASA differs from OUSA in that it focuses on issues the federal government can deal with, such as funding transfer to the provinces and a Pan-Canadian Accord on Education.  CASA also holds an Annual General Meeting, but only once a year. At this time, the MSU holds observer status with CASA and it not a member.


For more information on Federal Affairs contact the VP Education or the AVP Provincial & Federal Affairs.

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