Provincial Advocacy

Current Efforts and Priorities

  • Voter registration campaign planning
  • Demographic data collection report
  • Open-textbook model development
  • Work Integrated Learning infrastructure development
  • Tuition and financial assistance
  • Improving Mental Health strategies
  • Improving Accessibility strategies

Press release: The MSU responds to the Ontario 2018 budget.

Our Role in Advocacy

Advocacy at the Provincial level incorporates the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development, our formal lobbying organization OUSA, and collaboration with other post-secondary institutions in Ontario.

What is the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development?

A Ministry under the Government of Ontario, currently lead by Minister Deb Matthews, which is primarily responsible for matters related to post-secondary education. This includes, but is not limited to, financial assistance for students (OSAP), fund post-secondary institutions, and support employment opportunities for skill development and employment preparation. 

What is OUSA?

The Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA) is a formal lobbying organization composed of 8 member universities, including McMaster, and represents over 140,000 students. Our VP Education is a member of the Steering Committee, which is responsible for setting lobbying priorities, developing OUSA policies, and direct lobbying. All OUSA policies are ratified by delegates of each member school and are based in evidence, making them very strong support for lobbying efforts.


For more information, please visit the Ministry website, the OUSA website, or our OUSA subpage. Please feel free to contact the VP Education or the AVP Provincial & Federal Affairs.

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