University Affairs

The SRA Standing Committee on University Affairs (UA) is tasked with policymaking, information gathering, and advocating on behalf of students regarding issues within the university. The University Affairs committee deals with the internal MSU relations within the university that influence the student experience. In working with the Board of Directors (specifically the Vice-President Education), the university administration, as well as campus groups and stakeholders, the University Affairs Committee strives to meet the needs of our students and help provide them with a higher quality undergraduate experience at McMaster.

The committee will focus on a few key projects that were set by the Associate Vice-President University Affairs as well as the committee members. These projects are as follows:

1) We will be engaging in an all encompassing Health Services Review on health services offered by the university and the Students Union in collaboration with other MSU services.

2) Using the Academic Services Review, a comprehensive review of the academic services provided by the university, it is our hope to achieve better enforcement around the assessment ban, earlier release of exam schedules, reduced back-to-back exams, and fewer high-risk exams.

3) This year, accessibility in the classroom will be a key focus of our advocacy work. From podcasted and recorded classes to late withdrawal policies to syllabi available during course registration, we hope to make the academic experience more equitable and less stressful.

4) Finally, we will also be focusing on areas such as improving bursaries and scholarships, and improved sexual violence prevention and response.

We encourage students to reach out with any project ideas, and to participate in our committee. For more information, contact 

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