University Affairs

The SRA Standing Committee on University Affairs (UA) is tasked with policymaking, information gathering, and advocating on behalf of students regarding issues within the university. The University Affairs committee deals with the internal MSU relations within the university that influence the student experience. In working with the Board of Directors (specifically the Vice-President Education), the university administration, as well as campus groups and stakeholders, the University Affairs Committee strives to meet the needs of our students and help provide them with a higher quality undergraduate experience at McMaster.

The committee will focus on a few key projects, set by the Associate Vice-President University Affairs as well as the committee members. A few of these projects will be:

1) The committee will be conducting a comprehensive Health Services Review to gain a hoilistic understanding of health services on campus. The review will be centred around understanding the ways health services interact with students and student groups.

2) The committee will be working to improve student academic accessibility for students. In particular, the committee will be working towards implementing Open Educational Resources in first year classes, as well as focusing on improving academic accomodations for survivors. 

3) The committee will reporting on the state of food insecurity on campus in order to create tangible recommendations for decreasing food insecurity for students. 

4) The committee will be working on improving the student academic experience! We will be advocating for an improved deferred exams process, as well as a more user friendly and beneficial scholarships portal. 

We encourage students to reach out with any project ideas, and to participate in our committee. Meeting times will be updated soon, feel free to email the AVP University Affairs should you want to become a member on the committee or hop onto any projects.

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