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The Muslim Students' Association at McMaster Univeristy is aimed to provide and facilitate an inclusive space for the Muslims on campus. We are a religious club whose main purpose is to provide an outlet for Muslims to fullfill their religious obligations such as providing prayer spaces on campus. We also work on building relationships within our club and with other clubs to provide multiple services, such as academic and social resources to our members. We work as a club to establish postive relations with external clubs and organizations at McMaster and neighbouring communities. 

Our Goals include:

1. To provide facilities for daily as well as Friday congregational prayers.

2. To organize activities of an educational nature which may be beneficial not only to Muslims, but also to non - Muslims.

3. To organize activities of a social nature for the interaction of Muslims.

4. To establish an organization that may fulfill any needs a Muslim may have on the McMaster campus, be it social, moral, educational or any other.


Executive Body 

Mahmood Haddara:

Aisha Tousif:

Abdul Rahman Stott:

Nadia Kasim:

Ola Mobarak:

Hira Irfan:

Qasim Khan:

Tahirah Seta:

Contact Details

Contact Details

McMaster Muslim Students' Association

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