The Citizens Foundation

Promoting sustainable development and capacity building in Pakistan.

The Citizens Foundation is a student run, non-profit organization that aims to promote sustainable development and capacity building in Pakistan through organizing activities and events attempting to raise awareness and generate funds to support the causes of various NGO's within Pakistan. Carefully selected development projects are funded which are run by local NGO's in Pakistan within a range of sectors including economic empowerment, environment, health care, education and energy.


The purpose of the T.C.F. will be to:
- Hold fund-raising activities and events for supporting the causes of various NGO's in Pakistan
- Raise awareness and highlight important issues impacting Pakistan
- Showcase documentary presentations alongside seminars held by intellectual guest speakers to provide knowledgeable about Pakistan
- Create a community for students interested in development (political, economic, religious, and social) issues in Pakistan 

Contact Details

Contact Details

Azhar Choudhry

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