Students Advancing for Brain Cancer Research

Leading through support and awareness

SABCR is a gathering of like-minded individuals who wish to improve the likelihood of brain cancer survival rates by advancing relevant research.

Students Advancing for Brain Cancer Research (SABCR) aims to support brain cancer survivors, families, scientists, and the entire brain cancer community through awareness, fundraising, and research. We inform the student population about the unique challenges associated with brain cancer, support innovative brain tumour research, and reject the notion that undergraduates cannot make a meaningful impact on brain cancer research. We also aim to make an open environment where researchers, students and survivors alike can share their ideas and experiences. 
SABCR offers McMaster students several excellent learning opportunities to improve their skills and knowledge. This is accomplished through research talks, diagnosis competitions, and research competitions. All of which are an excellent way for students to be educated about brain cancer while improving critical thinking and research skills as well as networking with professionals in the field. On top of this, we will also be funding an undergraduate scholarship to help support students who do research that can improve brain cancer patients lives.

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Contact Details

Megan Lowe & Arun Parmar

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