Middle Eastern Students’ Association (MESA)

What is MESA?

MESA is a student run group that will operate under the McMaster University Student Union. Our group is comprised of progressive and enthusiastic volunteers; motivated by the idea of creating positive change within their community. MESA strongly believes that the unity of the Middle Eastern community is crucial to its development and growth in Canada.

Our Philosophy

Canada is as a multicultural mosaic; it is a nation that respects different cultures, values and traditions. Furthermore, it encourages its citizens to do the same. For this reason, MESA feels it its duty to uphold the Middle Eastern Culture not only at McMaster University but also all over Canada. Since, this club will be the first one to represent the Middle Eastern Culture at McMaster, we are very excited to teach McMaster about our culture and unite those who share the same background.

Our Message:

The Middle Eastern Students’ Association provides students at McMaster University the opportunity to express their culture and work towards uniting all students from the same background on campus. Through the execution of a variety of events, our dedicated executive team aims to achieve these goals for our student members. This will give an opportunity to meet others and build their future network.

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