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The Arab Students' Association(Arabsa) is an educational, informative and humanitarian organization. Our goalis to educate and entertain in a respectful manner, shed light on the Arab heritage and to eliminate stereotypes and prejudices. Arabsa will be responsive to humanitarian causes by raising awareness and donations to current crises. Arabsa’s humanitarianism will not be exclusive to the Middle East and North Africa. Arabsa will be an educational and informative club while remaining social. Our club will be as inclusive as possible and members will always be accepted, regardless of their age, race, ethnicity, sex, religion, or ability. Membership shall be limited to currently enrolled McMaster students, faculty and staff members. Arabsa is currently affiliated with Arabsa at Ryerson University, Arabsa at York University and it is in the process of opening in different universities under the same name.

ARABSA is strictly non-religious and non-political. Other university branches have held several events in the past and we will start to do so at McMaster as we are always working on providing services to our community through Arabsa. The purpose of Arabsa is to educate and entertain, in a respectful manner, in order to add to campus diversity by shedding light on the Arab heritage and eliminating stereotypes and prejudices.Arabsa is unique as it promotes positivity and raises awareness about the discrimination Middle Eastern and North African people face. Moreover, one of our main goals is to respond to any current and past humanitarian crises by raising awareness and funds towards them.

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Contact Details

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