Button maker

The MSU Clubs Department now has a 2-1/4 inch button maker that all clubs and groups on campus may use. The cost of using the button maker for CLUBS/MSU Services will be in packages as follows:

50 pins - $6

100 pins - $12

1000 pins - $100

If you are not a Club or MSU Service, please contact the Clubs Administrator to find out more about the pricing.

Packages include everything except printed material. Clubs are responsible for printing their own materials. There is a graphic cutter available for clubs to use.  The size of the buttons are 2-1/4-inch. Templates for your graphic design within the button dimensions can be found by visiting the following link

If you are a club, you must use the room booking portal to book out the button maker online. All other bookings can be made by contacting the Clubs Administrator.

You must pay the accounting office and bring the receipt to the Assistant Clubs Administrator when signing out the button maker. The button maker may only be used inside of Clubspace.

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