Club Executive Council 2018/19

The Clubs Executive Council (CEC) is a body which advises and assists the Clubs Administration in the performance of their duties. Each club division has a "Divisional Chair" who holds various responsibilities. The CEC is an important body which works closely with MSU staff members to improve the Clubs department in a variety of ways, as well as participating in various events!

What does a CEC Divisional Chair do?
- Attend periodic meetings with the club presidents of your division
- Act as a Governing body of the Clubs Department
- Help plan Club Awards, and the annual charity event
- Select the charity for our annual charity event
- Distribute information to the clubs in your division
- Represent the clubs in your division
- Facilitate cooperation and communication between clubs
- Attend monthly CEC meetings

Who makes up the CEC?

  • Josephine Liauw (MSU Clubs Administrator)

  • Aditi Sharma (Assistant Clubs Administrator)

  • Ikram Farah (MSU President) 

  • Mijia Murong (MSU Diversity Director)

  • Seyed Aryan Ghaffarizadeh (Chair of Academic Clubs)

  • Arghavan Omidi (Chair of Cultural Clubs)

  • TBA, Chair of Religious Clubs

  • William Kim (Chair of Recreational Clubs)

  • Maiura Muralitharan (Chair of Social Issues Clubs)

  • Tushar Tejpal (SRA Member)

  • Selene Florean (SRA Member)

  • Frank Luo (MSU Member)

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