Event Planning

There are TWO main steps to hosting an EVENT on the McMaster University Campus:

Step 1:  Completing an Event Management Form

Every club MUST fill out an EVENT MANAGEMENT FORM for EVERY event taking place on or off campus. 

Clubs must complete this form on the new event management portal: https://studentevents.mcmaster.ca using their club login (first time users: access link to acivate your account should be emailed to you in your club mcmaster email)

The approval depends on the risk-level of your event: low risk events (ex. general meetings) are automatically approved; the medium- and high-risk events will be approved by the Clubs Administrator and an EOHSS staff member accordingly.

 **IMPORTANT** You CANNOT host your event if it has not been approved (the approval status should be visible on the event portal)

Club Movie Nights

If you are a club hosting a movie night, please follow these steps:

1. Check to see if your movie is approved under our MSU license. You can do this by searching up the movie title here: http://www.criterionpic.com/cpl/qsearch.htx - Films not found here i.e. documentaries or independent films can only be shown with permission from the director or film/distribution company.

2. You must fill out a Club Film Event Form 2019-2020 and bring it to the Clubs Administrator to sign.

3. Scan the signed form and ATTACH IT TO THE EVENT FORM ONLINE (under the itinerary section)

Transportation Pre-Approval Form

Costs for buses hired for your event will be reimbursed as long as the club has submitted a Transportation Pre-Approval Form signed by the Clubs Administrator or Clubs Administrator Assistants. This approval form must be attached to the reimbursement.

Step 2: Booking Space on Campus

Please direct any questions to MSU Clubs (clubsasst@msu.mcmaster.ca) 

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