Clubs Discounts

The MSU Clubs Department is proud to offer its clubs various discounts. Please reach out to the AVP Finance (avpfinance@msu.mcmaster.ca) if you have any questions or concerns.

Mason Athletics - Will provide a discount on embroidery of clothing, clubs must request discount in advance.

Bulk Barn - 10% off bulk cases when ordered in advance.

Costco - Unable to offer discount but if clubs are looking for donations they can email w01105mbr@costco.com

Westdale Cupcakes - 15% off except for on Tuesdays.

Union Market - Various discounts on hot beverages and donuts/cookies. More information is available here

Snooty's - 15% off, excluding alcohol.

Hamilton Convention Centre - Discount program will be attached here shortly.

Pita Pit - Can offer groups a 30% discount per pita, when they order off of this form this year.

  • These pitas will be wrapped individually and sorted by pita kind, and will also include napkins,
  • If any groups require delivery to campus, we can certainly arrange that at no extra charge, with 24 hours’ notice.

  • If groups are looking for platters, rather than individually wrapped pitas, we would be happy to offer 10% off of our regular catering menu as well.

  • Any groups placing orders requesting these preferred rates would need to place their order with the manager, Emily Smith, directly via westdale@mypitapit.ca, or in store (905) 529 7482

Sharp Bus Lines - 5% discount after $5000.00 in sales, 10% discount after $10,000.00 in sales.

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