Event Planning

Accessibility Checklist

Starting this year, all Clubs are expected to fill out the Accessibility Checklist which can be found here. Filling out this checklist will not hinder or prevent your event from moving forward in any way. However, it will help you make your event more accessibile.

There are TWO main steps to hosting an EVENT on the McMaster University Campus: 1)  Completing an EOHSS form, and 2) Booking the space.

Step 1:  Completing an Environmental & Occupational Health Support Services form and appropriate waivers.

  • Do you need an EOHSS form to hold an event?  YES!
  • An EVENT is ANYTHING an MSU club does ON or OFF the McMaster Campus. 
  • EXCEPTION:  any booking on the McMaster University Student Centre (MUSC) 2nd floor does NOT require an EOHSS form.  This includes Clubspace.
  • How do I complete an EOHSS form?  Use your OFFICIAL (xxxxxxx@mcmaster.ca) email address and your EOHSS club PIN number.
  • ALL EOHSS forms MUST be approved by the Clubs Administrator and an EOHSS staff member.  This is done automatically online and the signature page(s) on the hardcopy forms indicate clearly which signatures are required.
  • Waivers are required for specific events, such as Spectator/Cultural/Social Events, Bus Trips, Film showings, absolutely any event involving Alcohol, and any event involving Participatory Sports.

EOHSS Website

EOHSS Event Approval (hard-copy) 

EOHSS Waivers

Bus Monitor Contract

Film Event Form

Film Event Form.pdf (237 KB)

Step 2:  Booking space on the McMaster University campus.

Booking with Conference & Event Services

Conference & Event Services book space for nearly everywhere on campus, except for:  the Student Centre (booked through MUSC Administration)  and HSC (booked through FHS). Please note, clubs can only book rooms on the first floor of MDCL.

First, make sure you have completed your EOHSS form.  Then, go to the Conference & Event Services website to complete the space booking form.

Booking with McMaster University Student Centre

MUSC Adminstration helps you book rooms (2nd floor and 3rd floor), information and bake sale tables and banner space in the Student Centre.

To book banner space, tables, and meeting room with MUSC, please visit the MUSC website and fill out a Student Group Privelege Form. Once this is complete please to complete the appropriate booking form located on the MUSC website  underneath the Reservations section. (Club information table, bake sales, meeting rooms, banners).

NOTE- If you are booking space, on the 3rd floor, please complete a Meeting Request form first. If the space is available it will be put on HOLD for your group. You will then need to complete an EOHSS form, and submit it to MUSC (via email), who will then CONFIRM the booking,

Please be advised that only the executives listed on the Student Group Privilege form can book space with MUSC administration.  This is to ensure that the space being utilized is for the actual MSU club, as well as to ensure accountability for the space.

Booking with Faculty of Health Sciences

To book rooms with FHS, please complete the booking forms on their website. For specific information, please click here

Other On-Campus Space Bookings

Univeristy Club ucevents@mcmaster.ca
Celebration Hall catering@mcmaster.ca
Institute of Applied Health Sciences IAHSroombookings@mohawkcollege.ca


Tourism Hamilton is happy to assist groups that are planning on hosting conferences in Hamilton with resources (financial and others). Please check out their planner page for more information about these opportunities.

Visit our finances page for information on funding your events.

Please direct any questions to Jenna Courage, MSU Clubs Administrator (clubs@msu.mcmaster.ca)