Funding & Finances

Budget Template

Please click HERE  to download the budget template that clubs are required to submit to receive a budget. This needs to be filled out as accurately as possible, with as much detail included as possible. 

Budget requests for first semester must be submitted to clubs@msu.mcmaster.ca with the subject "[CLUB NAME] Budget Submission 17-18" by Sunday, October 1st 2017 at 4:59pm. 

Failure to meet this deadline will result in lack of budget allocation for the 2017/18 academic year. Budget submissions will only be accepted if submitted using the template found above, with the correct email subject line.

MSU Banking

Clubs have the option to choose between PACE and CIBC to bank with. Below are New Account Opening forms and Change of Signing Authority forms. Make sure you submit the correct form! 

PACE- New Account Opening Form

PACE- Change of Signing Authority Form

CIBC-New Account Opening Form 

CIBC- Change of Signing Authority Form

  1. Once you have completed the form, please drop off the form to the Clubs Administrator (MUSC 215A).
  2. If you are with CIBC - once the form has been signed from the Clubs Administrator and VP Finance, you will recieve a call to pick it up from MUSC 201. You then need to phone CIBC Westdale to set up an appointment.
  3. If you are with PACE - Once signed by the VP Finance and Clubs Admin, the form will be faxed over to PACE- you do not need to pick up the form. PACE will contact you to set up an appointment.
  5. Whoever has 2017-2018 Signing Officer access will need to be present at the appointment in order to open the account, with two pieces of government issued photo ID.

Claiming Funds from the MSU

Clubs can only claim funds from the MSU by filling out reimbursement forms.

Reimbursement forms MUST be submitted semesterly this year. If a club needs to be reimbursed for anything from first semester (Sept- Dec), the reimbursement form is due by Friday December 8th 2017 at 3:59pm. In order to obtain your allocated funding from the MSU, your club will need to submit a Claim Form, in person, to Jenna Courage in MUSC 215N or the MSU office at MUSC 201.

Reimbursement approvals are made at the discretion of the Clubs Administrator - any purchases that don't benefit the entire club or the general student body will not be approved for reimbursement.

After a club has been approved for reimbursements, a cheque will then be available to the club in the following 2 weeks. All cheques are made in the club's name and not to personal accounts. Cheques can be collected from the MSU Accounting Department in MUSC 201.

Undergraduate Student Initiative Fund (USIF)

Another way to obtain funding is through the Undergraduate Student Initiative Fund. Please click here to see current and past USIF allocations! There are three times during the year when they accept applications. Criteria and Guidelines can be found by clicking here . For more information, including the application, please click here.

Special Project Funding

Clubs may also request for further MSU Funding through a Special Project Funding request. The purpose of the Clubs Special Project Funding is to allow clubs the opportunity to work collaboratively on an event that brings clubs together and positively represents MSU Clubs, the MSU and McMaster University. Applications for Special Projecct Funding can be completed by filling out the application here  and emailing it to clubs@msu.mcmaster.ca with the Subject: Special Project Funding.

All applications must be sent in 30 days prior to event.

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