MSU Club Awards

The MSU Club Department recognizes seven (7) MSU clubs each year for their contributions to the McMaster/Hamilton community and their efforts abroad.

MSU Club Awards recepients are recognized for:

i) Providing an open and inclusive environment, through club events, and/or in collaboration with other groups.

ii) Are dedicated to their club's prupose and/or cause, and have demonstrated this through the events and initiatives central to their operation

iii) Demonstrating positive and lasting relationships within the University community and community-at-large

Clubs can apply for;

  • MSU Club of the Year
  • Academic Club of the Year
  • Cultural Club of the Year
  • Recreational Club of the Year
  • Religious Club of the Year
  • Social Issues Club of the Year
  • New Club of the Year

Please download the Club Awards - Nomination Form and submit this form and all supplementary information to the MSU main office (MUSC 201) in a sealed envelope with the club and award name on the front. Deadline: Tuesday, March 15th 2016 @ 4:00pm

Top nominees will be invited to our Clubs Got Talent fundraiser where the awards will be presented.


For further information, please contact the MSU Clubs Administrator (

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