MSU Club Awards

The MSU Club Department recognizes seven (8) MSU clubs each year for their contributions to the McMaster/Hamilton community and their efforts abroad.

MSU Club Awards recepients are recognized for:

i) Providing an open and inclusive environment, through club events, and/or in collaboration with other groups.

ii) Are dedicated to their club's prupose and/or cause, and have demonstrated this through the events and initiatives central to their operation

iii) Demonstrating positive and lasting relationships within the University community and community-at-large

Clubs can apply for;

  • MSU Club of the Year
  • Academic Club of the Year
  • Cultural Club of the Year
  • Recreational Club of the Year
  • Religious Club of the Year
  • Social Issues Club of the Year
  • New Club of the Year
  • *NEW* Community Service Award

Please download the Clubs Awards Nomination Form (2017)  and submit this form and all supplementary information to the MSU main office (MUSC 201) in a sealed envelope with the club and award name on the front. Deadline: Monday, March 13th 2017 @ noon


Top nominees will be invited to our Charity Variety Show fundraiser where the awards will be presented.

For further information, please contact the MSU Clubs Assistant Administrators, Christine or Ruchika (

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