Crafting A Resume

Your resume is your opportunity to show the MSU how you "fit" within the organization; it is the foundation of your career search that brings together your academic accomplishments and experiences.

Writing a resume that stands out from the pile requires preparation and thought. After you gather all of the information you want to include, you need to determine the format that best reflects your combination of skills and experiences to best demonstrate your match with the role to which you are applying.

We are interested in the skills that you have developed, regardless of where. This includes skills developed in school, volunteering, extra-curricular activities, and paid employment.  


Tips for Creating Your Resume

  • Ensure your resume is clear, concise, relevant, and highlights your skills based on the requirements of the job. One to two pages is a great length, and it will help to keep only the most important and relevant information.

  • Decide which style to use: chronological or functional. The MSU does not have a preference for one style above another. 

  • Be honest. If you lie on your resume, it will do more harm than help.

  • Proofread for content and spelling errors / typos, or grammatical errors. 

The Student Success Centre is an incredible resource for tips and tricks to craft a great resume. You can also visit the Student Success Centre and a professional will critique your resume. 
In addition to the Student Success Centre, here are some helpful links from Ask a Manager:
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