Associate Vice-Presidents & Board of Directors

Each year, a student executive is elected to head up the MSU as its Board of Directors. The President is elected by the membership of the MSU, and the Vice Presidents are elected by the SRA. Details about the election process for both the SRA and the Board of Directors can be found on the Elections Department webpage. Any MSU Member in good standing can run to be the MSU President or one of its Vice-Presidents. 
The Student Representative Assembly (SRA), the governing body of the MSU, is composed of 35 undergraduate students elected by their peers, inside each academic faculty. Together, they work to provide the best possible MSU services and departments, represent and address the concerns of undergraduate students, and lobby the University to improve McMaster’s academic quality. 
There are a number of committees that you can get involved with, either as the commissioner or as a voting member of the committee.
Below are the job descriptions for the hired Associate Vice-President positions with the MSU, followed by a document outlining what other committees are run by the MSU and SRA. Hiring of AVPs and elections for committee member positions happen in April. Details about the election process can be found on the Elections Department webpage. When AVP positions become available, they will be posted on the MSU jobs portal. Any MSU Member in good standing can apply to be an AVP, run to be the MSU Speaker, or run to be committee member. 


Committee Information for MSU Members