What's Soul Got to Do With It?

MDCL 2218
January 30, 2018 from 06:30PM until 08:30PM

Hear stories of others

Reflect on your own path

Join us to hear panelists from a diversity of faith and spiritual perspectives share their personal journey and how spirituality plays out in their lives. A chance to hear others' stories, ask questions, and sculpt your own approach to Spirituality/Religion.


·         Dr. Gary Warner, Acting Director of Arts and Science program

·         James Knibb-Lamouche, Associate Director, Indigenous Services 

·         Judith Dworkin, McMaster Hillel

·         Nadia Ahmad, 4th year Political Science student


Open Circle... http://www.OpenCircle.mcmaster.ca
- Is a diverse and consensus-based student community where we value, respect and learn from each other
- Creates forums to discuss life, spiritual and societal issues
- Links McMaster students with volunteer opportunities in Hamilton (CVC)
 Community Volunteer Circles (CVC) - volunteer weekly with other McMaster students in Hamilton. Reflect for 15 min. after each volunteer session on your experiences and how these relate to larger societal issues.

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January 30, 2018 from 06:30PM until 08:30PM

MDCL 2218