Astronomical Reflections Planetarium Show

BSB B149
January 08, 2019 from 07:00PM until 09:00PM

Finding meaning and exploring spirituality in science and its discoveries. Planetarium show will be integrated with meditation, reflection on our place in it all, and Discussion. 

Open to post-secondary students at no cost. Seating is limited - reservations required.

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An Open Circle Club Event:

Open Circle...

- Is a diverse and consensus-based student community where we value, respect and learn from each other

- Creates forums to discuss life, spiritual and societal issues

- Links McMaster students with volunteer opportunities in Hamilton (CVC)

 Community Volunteer Circles (CVC) - volunteer weekly with other McMaster students in Hamilton. Reflect for 15 min. after each volunteer session on your experiences and how these relate to larger societal issues.

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January 08, 2019 from 07:00PM until 09:00PM

BSB B149