McMaster Improv Team Presents: The Big Retirement Show

CNH 103
April 02, 2019 from 11:15AM until 11:15AM

Well, it has finally come to this. After many long years of plowing the improv fields, sending improv emails and working loooong improv hours, the golden years have come. It's time for our RRSP/401k/Pension themed Retirement Show.

Come say goodbye and best wishes to our retiring (graduating) members of the team before they jump on their 26-foot yacht (which they had to mortgage their studio apartment to afford) and sail away to their timeshare in the Bahamas (where committing tax fraud is much easier). Gotta hang on to that Sweet Sweet RRSP somehow before the CRA finds you!

Doors open at 7pm! CNH103/Robinson Memorial Theatre! It's free! Saturday April 6th! Bring your friends! Empty your RRSP! Bring your mom! Laughs! Love! Pensions!

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April 02, 2019 from 11:15AM until 11:15AM

CNH 103