Creativity Circle

April 09, 2020 from 02:30PM until 03:20PM

Reflection Circles are a safe space for connecting with yourself and others in an atmosphere of respect and awakening to your authentic life through exploring mindfulness practice, creative expression, and discussion. You are welcome to attend any week – no need to signup! More info: or hear a participant’s experience:


Meditation Circle – Monday, April 6

3:30-4:20 – join the circle online through

Motivation from a Place of Love: How do I hold myself to the goals I want while being kind to myself? Experience a self-compassion practice to gently support myself in forming good habits. Uncover your inner motivation instead of getting caught up in the “shoulds.

Body, Mind, Spirit Circle  Wednesday, April 8

3:30-4:20pm – join the circle online through  

Building Community: How do we build community and connection with each other while physically distancing? What are we learning about our human beingness at this time? How can we shape the next chapter in our story? Join us for brainstorming, journaling and supporting each other in exploring these questions at this unique time in our story. This is a supportive space for journaling, reflecting, and sharing about our journeys and questions in an atmosphere of respect and openness.  

Creativity Circle   Thursday, April 9

2:30-3:20pm – join the circle online through  

Connect through nature: Before our circle, go for a walk and find an item in nature that you are drawn to (and take a picture of it or bring it inside with you.) In the circle you will use this object from nature for reflection and engage in writing exercises to listen for your own story in relationship to the story of nature. Together create a collaborative poem. Deepen your awareness of your authentic self through bringing wonder, curiosity, and openness to that which nature gifts us with.  No artistic skill or experience required!

What can I expect at a Reflection Circle?

·         A judgement free, respectful, and confidential space where everyone is welcomed to share or pass

·         Opening quotation to set the tone for the activity and reflection

·         Introductions and brief, no-pressure icebreaker activity

·         Check-in about how your week has been so far

·         15-20-minute practice that relates to a different theme each week

·         Time for reflection and discussion

·         Drop in with no commitment required (please arrive on time to honour the group’s process)

·         You do not need to sign up or be part of Open Circle to attend a Reflection Circle

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April 09, 2020 from 02:30PM until 03:20PM