A Mindfulness Retreat: Into the Books

Online Event
October 15, 2020 from 05:30PM until 07:00PM

Register At: https://opencircle.mcmaster.ca/events/a-mindfulness-retreat-into-the-books


Reading week is often a time to take a break, reset, and - as the name suggests - read! Sometimes the pressure of school can take over the enjoyment of mindful reading. What does it mean to read mindfully? How does mindful reading make you feel? How can you create a mindful reading practice to support you in your life?

At this mindfulness retreat, we will create a space for you to bring mindfulness to your reading and get a chance to share with others. Bring whatever you like to read - a book, an article, poems, etc!

Make yourself a warm cup of your favourite beverage, put on some cozy clothes, and let the words you read immerse you into the present moment.

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Event Details

October 15, 2020 from 05:30PM until 07:00PM

Online Event