Honour M Award

History of the Award

The Honour M, the highest award that the McMaster Students Union (MSU) bestows, has been presented annually since 1932 in recognition of outstanding leadership, volunteer service, contribution and/or special achievement in extra-curricular activities. Recipients of the award are admitted to the McMaster Honour Society. 



A nominee’s contributions may have been rendered in such areas as university, student, or residence governments, departments, clubs, societies, charities, or athletics. Nominees must have completed at least two (2) years of MSU membership (i.e. two fall/winter academic years of enrolment in at least eighteen (18) units of undergraduate study) and shall normally be in the final year of their academic programme. A panel of student leaders, faculty, and a member of the Honour Society selects recipients of the award. Barring special circumstances, no more than three (3) awards are normally granted each year. 



Nomination forms found here:

MSU Honour M Nomination Form 2018

Please attach a description of the candidate of no more than one (1) page in length explaining why they are a competitive candidate to receive the Honour M Award (i.e. what they have accomplished, not merely offices held). You should also obtain from the nominee a summary of no more than three (3) pages outlining the specific details of dates, organizations, and positions held by them as an MSU member in reverse chronological order. The selection committee may, at its discretion, request a third party contact to corroborate the biographical information.



Please email the completed package to awards@msu.mcmaster.ca before Friday, February 2nd, 2018 at noon. 

For more information, please contact:
Speaker, McMaster Students Union

MUSC 201A McMaster University



Past Recipients

2016: Jacob Brodka, Audrey Tan

2015: Naomi Pullen, Sara Halawa

2014: Arnav Agarwal

2013: Lisa Bifano, Jeffrey Wyngaarden

2012: Tanya Kuzman, Huzaifa Saeed

2011: Neil DePass, Heather Fisher, Mary Koziol

2010: Michelle Lanteigne, Andrew Richardson, Suparna Sharma

2009: Temara Brown, Pei-Wen Chou, Michael Pett, Arati Sharma, Katie Stiel

2008: Navindra Baldeo, Paul T. Jones, Ryan P. Moran

2007: Aaron M. Orkin

2006: Heidi N. Carrubba, Morgan G. Hillier

2005: Neville A.R. Boney, Lyanne M. Quirt

2004: Candy K.W. Hui, Samuel J. Minniti

2003: Joanna Ranieri, Adam P.J. Spence

2002: Nadia Conforti, Arif Manji, Lee M. Schofield

2001: John C. Norquay, Meaghan L.D. Stovel

2000: Basil S. Alexander

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