MSU Merit Scholarship

The MSU Merit Scholarship Award is presented annually in recognition of outstanding and valuable service to university, student, or residence governments, departments, clubs, societies, charities, or athletics. Recipients of the award receive a $500 scholarship in one of two categories: single year contribution, or overall achievement. 


Each candidate is only eligible to receive the award once in each category, and no candidate may receive an award in both categories in the same year. To be eligible, a candidate msu hold MSU membership (i.e. enrolment in at least eighteen (18) units of undergraduate study) and must not be in the final year of his or her academic program. 



Nomination forms can be found here: 

MSU Merit Scholarship Nomination Form 2018

Please complete this package and email it to before Friday, February 2nd, 2018 at noon. 


For more information, please contact

McMaster Students Union
MUSC 201
McMaster University

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