Rudy Heinzl Award

The Rudy Heinzl Award of Excellence has been presented annually since 1997 in recognition of an outstanding one-year achievement which improves the lives of students at McMaster University. The names of recipients are recorded on a permanent plaque displayed in the foyer of the MSU Office, and recipients of the award receive a framed colour photograph of the Edwards Archway bearing an engraved plate.


History of the Award

In his 33 years of service at McMaster, including 11 years as Dean of Student Affairs, Rudy Heinzl displayed an uncommon dedication to the concerns of students. Through this award the MSU honours his contribution by commemorating the work of others who have similarly contributed to the well-being of McMaster’s student community.


Any member of the McMaster community is eligible for the award. No more than one (1) award is granted each year.



Nomination forms are available here: 

MSU Rudy Heinzl Nomination Form 2018

When nominations open, please attach a description of the candidate of no more than one (1) page in length describing the candidate’s achievement and contribution to students, and explaining why he or she is a competitive candidate to receive the Rudy Heinzl Award of Excellence. The selection committee may, at its discretion, request a third party contact to corroborate the biographical information.



Please complete this package and email it to before Friday, February 3rd at noon. 

For more information, please contact:

Speaker, McMaster Students Union

MUSC 201A McMaster University
905-525-9140 ext. 24118


Past Award Winners

2017: Frank Chen

2016: Rabeena Obaidullah

2015: Jimmy Long

2014: Rodrigo Narro-Perez

2013: Lisa Bifano

2012: Dr. Patrick Deane

2011: 2010-2011 MSU Board of Directors

2010: Professor Rovind Gao

2009: McMaster Crisis Management Team

2008: Nailah Gordon-Decicieo

2007: Learning Commons Implementation Team

2006: David Moore

2005: Umair Khan

2004: Heather LaBute

2003: Adam Spence

2002: Arif Manji

2001: David Nagel

2000: Edward Baker, Mike Lafleur, Kris McCrady

1999: Jason Lee

1998: Donna McGreal

1997: Sapna Jain

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