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MSU President

Phone: 905-525-9140 ext. 23885


Giancarlo Da-Ré grew up in Markham, where his first job (10 years ago) was working at Whittamore’s Pick Your Own Farm with Jess Anderson, incoming Vice President (Finance). Da-Ré is graduating from Chemical Biology Co-op and enjoys coffee, making Spotify playlists, watching Grey’s Anatomy, and learning how things work. At McMaster, he has worked as a Chemistry Teaching Assistant, CLAY Part-Time Manager, and Residence Orientation Advisor for McKay, Edwards, and PGCLL.

During his term as President, Da-Ré plans to focus on course accessibility through increased use of Echo360 and ensuring completion of the new AODA-compliant MSU website, a number of sustainability initiatives including advocating for a plastic bottle ban at McMaster, increased support for international students that encompasses a new International Student Advisory Committee, and supporting students during COVID-19.

The MSU President Shall:

The MSU President is elected annually by the MSU membership as outlined by the procedures in the MSU Constitutional and Bylaw 10. The elected candidate will subsequently hold office from May 1st to April 30th. The President may carry a course load of not more than three (3) units per academic term. This course load restriction may be waived by a two-thirds majority vote of the SRA.

The President is to serve as the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Spokesperson for the McMaster Students Union and be a voting member of the SRA, the Executive Board, and an ex-officio member of all other MSU committees. As well, the President will Chair the Executive Board, Board of Directors and the Presidents' Council. Furthermore, the President will represent the MSU to the University Administration, Hamilton community as well as local, provincial, and national governments and organizations.


What does the President actually do?

It can sometimes be difficult to describe to students what an average day is like. Ultimately, my job is to represent students and in doing so push for decisions and initiatives that will benefit the student body. This manifests itself in a number of a different ways. 

What do I do if I have a concern or issue related to being a student?

The best way to address an issue you have is to contact me or your faculty representative from the Student Representative Assembly (SRA). Given our extensive involvement within the organization, we can help you understand what services or committees are available to support you. We also have the infrastructure to allow you to develop your own projects through committees like University Affairs. Not to mention, we love hearing from the students we represent.

How can I get a sponsorship or donation from the MSU?

Submit a form online through the Executive Board’s Sponsorship & Donations Committee. Every year, we allocate a certain amount of money to support our students with their various projects and initiatives.

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