The Caring Communities Network

The MSU and wellness educators from the Student Wellness Lounge (SWELL) identified the need for a local resource person embedded within student communities to support the effective use of the University’s programs to support student wellbeing. 

The Caring Communities Network responds to this need by encouraging communities to register a Wellbeing Liaison, who will represent wellness within their club, group, or organization. 

What is the Caring Communities Network?

The Caring Communities Network is a program that exists to build capacity of students to support and enhance student wellbeing. The program will: 
  • Provide orientation to promote effective use of student health and wellness services, resources, and promising practices by student leaders in student groups;
  • Build connections for sharing best practices across student communities; 
  • Provide better support for student leaders who are already assuming some or many of these responsibilities in their respective units; 
  • Facilitate conversations about the proactive practices student communities can employ to enhance the wellbeing of students in their communities 

Click here for a complete summary of the Caring Communities Network.

What is a Wellbeing Liaison?

Each group that joins the Caring Communities Network will designate a group member as a Wellbeing Liaison. Liaisons are responsible for helping to connect students in their communities to initiatives related to student health and wellness.
This role also serves as a local resource, providing support for all members in a community who may have questions or need assistance accessing services and resources, thereby facilitating capacity building within student communities. Student communities may decide to create a new role within their executive structure or decide to adapt an already existing role, i.e. Club Chaplain, VP Social, etc

How can my community benefit from this network?

This program will recognize and enhance the work being done to promote wellness in your community. This program provides the opportunity to:
  • Receive free health and wellness based training 
  • Collaborate with other groups
  • Share resources and ideas
  • Promote your health and wellness initiatives to individuals and groups who share your goals or may benefit from your programming

How can my community become a part of this network?

To become a part of the Caring Communities Network, determine who will act as your Wellbeing Liaison and complete this form. Please register promptly, as the current program capacity is limited to forty groups.
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