VP Administration


Sarah Figueiredo
Vice-President (Administration)

Email: vpadmin@msu.mcmaster.ca
Phone: 905-525-9140 ext. 23250


Sarah Figueiredo is graduating this year with an Honours BA in Economics (Specialist). Although Figueiredo started in life science during her first year, she found a passion for economics while at McMaster. She is from Cambridge, Ontario, where she had her first job working in a butter tart bakery. Figueiredo loves late night TV and thinks going to movie theatres is severely underrated. Previously, she worked for Residence Life in a variety of roles, volunteered with Horizons for three years, and was also involved with McMaster Musical Theatre.

Some of Figueiredo’s main platform points focus around implementing an AVP Equity to provide greater assistance to part time managers (PTM) directly involved with peer support, training for the hiring boards responsible for hiring PTMs, and skill development sessions for Student Representative Assembly members to enhance collaboration and cohesion.

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