Some Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an MSU job? 

First step is to apply online at, under the ‘Jobs’ tab. There we post all open paid and volunteer positions for full-time undergraduate students. The main hiring for the upcoming year is done from January to March, but there are always positions up throughout the year as needed. My suggestion is to always have a specific cover letter and come prepared to interviews with your approach to the role.

Can I come to an SRA meeting? 
Of course you can attend SRA meetings! All SRA meetings are open to the student body, with the odd occurrence of the SRA having to go into closed session. 

Meeting times are posted on the MSU Website under ‘Student Government’. Meetings range anywhere from 3 to 10 hours, with the agenda being available online the Wednesday prior to the meeting. There is a main set of tables in a ’U’ shape for SRA members, and then separate tables and chairs at the back of the room for observers. You can come in at any time.

Also, feel free to provide comments/feedback on issues if you want. Just raise your hand if you’d like to speak to an issue (if it is general please do it during Information Period, if it is specific to an agenda item, do it during that item) and the Speaker will acknowledge you. 

Does the MSU have awards to acknowledge outstanding student contributions? 
YES! The MSU has 5 annual awards presented to students and student groups that have done an exceptional job in different areas including charity, student leadership and spirit. Nominations are always due in February of that year and awards are presented at Student Recognition Night in March.

How can I get a sponsorship or donation from the MSU? 
Submit a form online through the Executive Board’s Sponsorship & Donations Committee. Every year we allocate a certain amount of money to support our students with their various projects and initiatives. Also, check out the joint Student Services Proram Support Fund between the MSU and Student Affairs HERE.

Why can’t I opt out of my HSR Bus Pass? 
The short answer is that due to the nature of the agreement between the MSU and the HSR, it is not possible to issue refunds to students who do not require the bus pass. 

In more detail, in order for a U-Pass program to benefit everybody involved, it must be revenue neutral. This means that the total revenue given to the transit agency (in this case, the HSR) must be equal to the amount it would have received from normal fares if the students did not have the bus pass. 

In a sense, it works like the Canadian health care system. Everybody pays for the program, but different people use the system to different degrees, as such benefit to different levels. In order for the pass to remain affordable to everyone, more people need to put money into the pot than are actually using the system on a regular basis. 

If the U-Pass were an opt-out program, and only the people who regularly used the bus contributed to the agreement, the pass would cost about the same amount as buying eight adult bus passes, almost seven times its current price. Clearly, if the pass cost this much, fewer students would choose to use transit it get to school, and driving to and parking on campus would become even more difficult. 

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