The Vice President Administration Shall...

Below is a description of the VP Administration's job, as taken straight from the Constitution and MSU Bylaws. Or, skip below for the Coles notes version (written by David Campbell, VP (Administration) 2012-2013)!


So, the Vice President Administraion shall...

Serve as the First Vice President of the MSU, and to that end, shall be elected by the SRA from its own membership. In the absence of the President, the VP Administration will fulfill the duties of the President. In the event of the resignation of the President, they will fulfill succession responsibilities as described in the MSU Constitution.

The VP Admin will hold the office of the Corporate Vice-President as well, and they shall serve as the Vice-Chair of the Executive Board, the Board of Directors and act as Deputy Speaker of the SRA. They will be a voting member of the SRA, the Executive Board, and an ex-officio member of all other MSU committees. The VP Admin is responsible for the administration of MSU services, as well as coordinate and Chair meetings of MSU Part-Time Managers. They will act as a liaison between the SRA, the Executive Board, and Part-Time Managers. They will ensure that positions within the MSU are advertised by January 15 and hired by March 15, and as required throughout the academic year. Furthermore, it is their responsibility to ensure adequate training for Part-Time Managers and Committee Chairs has been accomplished. 


tl;dr? Well, my job can be broken into three chunks. The first is supporting the mangers of all the MSU services. The MSU runs a huge number of services to meet all the needs of you, the students. Many of these services are run by full-time students, who in turn report to me. Second, I facilitate the political wing of the MSU continuing to run. I administer the Yearplans of SRA members, am the deputy-speaker of most government bodies, and so on. Third, I am the so-called Jack of All Trades of the MSU! I take on all sorts of projects which maybe don't fall neatly with anyone else.

If you're interested in learning more, try coming by the office sometime! I have a pretty busy schedule, but love making time to meet new people.

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