MSU and Hamilton Employment Initiative

     One of the major challenges facing Hamilton’s economy is the brain drain from poor graduate retention in Hamilton. Since employability is also a major concern for students, I see improving this area as a mutually beneficial endeavor for both students and the City. Thus, I would like to establish a strong connection between the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce and the MSU to help connect graduating students with jobs in Hamilton.

      Currently, the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce President, Keanin Loomis, is working to implement Magnet, which is a government funded not-for-profit powered by Who Plus You- a job matching site developed by Ryerson University. As it currently stands, the MSU is looking to add more software solutions to create a multidimensional student employment solution. The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce will be working with their members to sign them up and place their jobs on the website. McMaster’s Dean of Students, Sean Van Koughnett, is on board with this initiative, although many of McMaster’s career offices have yet to begin participating.

     This year, I intend to lobby the university to engage in this project to ensure McMaster adopts it if it comes to fruition. We would also need to ensure the supply end (students using the website for jobs) was met and this would require a high level of advertising to increase campus awareness of the service.

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