VP Finance


Daniel Tuba D'Souza
Vice President (Finance)  
Email: vpfinance@msu.mcmaster.ca
Phone: 905.525.9140 x24109


Daniel Tuba D’Souza is a graduating fourth year student with a heavy background in biochemistry. Over the past four years he has been involved with a variety of different groups on campus such as the McMaster Science Society, TEDxMcMasterU, and most recently as the Founder of HacktheCity – a student run non-profit organization. Tuba’s fondest memories lie in Welcome Week as a residence, faculty, and Maroon’s representative over the past three years in addition to a variety of other experiences with MSU Campus Events and as a tour guide for McMaster University.

One of the biggest challenges Tuba seeks to address this year as the VP (Finance) is access to affordable food on campus through the creation of an MSU owned café out of 1280 Bar & Grill aswell as ensuring student interests are kept at the forefront of the ongoing Student Activity Building negotiations with the university.

As a foodie and self-proclaimed giant dork, you can find Tuba exploring the various restaurants and bars on James Street North and watching Attack on Titan in his spare time. With an extensive background in event planning and a keen knowledge of unique venues and caterers in Hamilton, feel free to email him if you need advice planning an event or have questions about where student money is being spent!



What is the role of the Vice President Finance?

The VP Finance is responsible for overseeing the financial direction and strategy of the organization. Primary duties include creating and overseeing the budget, providing financial insight to service units, business units the Board of Directors, Executive Board and the SRA, chairing the Silhouette Board of Publication and developing other projects which I feel would improve our financial standing.

Where can I find a copy of the MSU Budget?

The Operating Budget, Capital Budget, and Audited Statements are available here

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the budget please feel free to email me at vpfinance@msu.mcmaster.ca

What does the MSU Operating Fund Fee go towards?

The MSU Operating Fund Fee goes towards funding student services that are provided by the MSU. This money ensures that service delivery is consistent and sustainable. The best way to explore how this money is used is to attend SRA meetings and talk to the fantastic people around that table. I am also available via email or in person to comment on the specifics of the budget breakdown - feel free to get in touch!

How can I get more involved in the MSU Finances?

For those looking to get even more engaged I recommend attending SRA meetings and contacting SRA Finance Commissioner to observe Finance Committee meetings. You can reach the Commissioner at srafinance@msu.mcmaster.ca.

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