Audited Statements

Each year, the McMaster Students Union (MSU) is audited by an external professional auditing firm (KPMG LLP) to ensure and maintain a high level of fiscal accountability and present accurate, transparent documents for release to students and the wider public.  As an organization, the MSU produced a defecit of $46,658 for fiscal year 2018-19. This defecit represents approximately 1% of the annual operating budget.


If you are interested in a breakdown of last years statments, including infographics illustrating the current financial standing of the MSU, feel free to check out the following article. To view past audited statments please click the links below to download full PDFs. 

Audited Statements - 2018-2019

Audited Statements - 2017-2018

Audited Statements - 2016-2017

Audited Statements - 2015-2016

Audited Statements - 2014-2015

Audited Statements - 2013-2014

Audited Statements - 2012-2013

Audited Statements - 2011-2012

If you have any questions, please contact the Vice-President (Finance) at .

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