2018-2019 Fiscal Year

Attached is the 2019-2020 MSU Operating Budget and the 2019-2020 MSU Capital Budget. The operating budget and the capital budget are approved by the Student Representative Assembly in April of each year. Together, these documents dictate the spending of the organization annually.

Both the operating and capital budget were approved at MSU Inc 19C. Minutes can be found here.

2018-2019 MSU Operating Budget

2018-2019 MSU Capital Budget

2017-2018 MSU Operating Budget

2017-2018 MSU Capital Budget

2016-2017 MSU Operating Budget

2016-2018 MSU Capital Budget

2015-2016 MSU Operating Budget

2015-2016 MSU Capital Budget

2014-2015 MSU Operating Budget

2014-2015 MSU Capital Budget

2013-2014 MSU Operating Budget

2013-2014 MSU Capital Budget

2012-2013 MSU Operating Budget

2012-2013 MSU Capital Budget

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