Executive Board

The MSU Executive Board is responsible for making day to day decisions effecting the operation of the union, as well as long term planning decisions. Executive Board meets biweekly over the summer, and weekly during the school term. Meetings are open and take place in the MSU Board Room, MUSC 201. 

Meetings during the Winter term will take place every Friday from 10am-12pm

The Executive Board is composed of:

Board of Directors:

Chukky Ibe
Preethi Anbalagan
Daniel D'Souza
Ryan Deshpande

5 at-large SRA members:

Aarij Ahmed
Aqeel Anas
Lauren Arnold
David Lee
Kirstin Webb

General Manager (non-voting): John McGowan
Marketing & Communications Director (non-voting): Michael Wooder
Administrative Services Coordinator (non-voting): Victoria Scott
Associate Vice-President: Services (non-voting): Kristina Epifano


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