Sponsorship & Donations


The Sponsorship and Donations Committee accepts applications from McMaster students, MSU Clubs, and community groups. Students and community groups are eligible to apply for donations or make sponsorship requests, while MSU Clubs can only apply for sponsorship.

Please download and complete the applicable form below. When complete, save the file and email the request, along with any questions and supplementary materials to avpfinance@msu.mcmaster.ca.

Sponsorship and Donation Request Forms:

MSU Donations Request Form

MSU Sponsorship Request Form

MSU Youth Bursary Request Form

Please view the operating policy if you would like to see the maximum allowable values for donation requests.

Please note, there are specific difference between requests for donations and requests for sponsorship:

Donations are financial contributions to people or organizations with no reciprocal benefits.

Sponsorships are contributions made in return for advertising and/or promotion (e.g. logo use at event, etc.). If making a Sponsorship request, please include your Sponsorship Package detailing your Sponsorship Levels and commitments.

The Community Youth Bursary is a new addition as of the 2020-2021 fiscal year and consists of $5000 to prioritize donation requests that foster leadership among marginalized Youth within the Hamilton Community.

To qualify for a donation or a sponsorship, the application must be submitted before the event. Requests are required to be submitted at least two weeks prior to the date of the event in order to be considered.

NOTE FOR MSU CLUBS: MSU Clubs cannot apply for donations, as Clubs apply directly to the Clubs Department for annual funding. However, Clubs may make sponsorship requests to the Committee. Please email a sponsorship application to the both AVP Finance (avpfinance@msu.mcmaster.ca) and the Clubs Administrator (clubs@msu.mcmaster.ca).

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