The Student Representative Assembly (SRA), the governing body of the MSU, is composed of 35 undergraduate students elected by their peers, inside each academic faculty. Together, they work to provide the best possible MSU services and departments, represent and address the concerns of undergraduate students, and lobby the University to improve McMaster’s academic quality. The MSU exists to represent you and to help build a better community for all students. 

SRA meetings are held biweekly and are scheduled to occur on Sundays at 5:00pm (unless otherwise noted) in Council Chambers (GH 111) for the rest of the 2016-2017 term. You can find the schedule here.

SRA meetings are open, public forums, to which anyone can attend without invitation or reservation. 

Agendas and supporting documentation for SRA meetings are made available to the public the Wednesday before each meeting on the MSU website. General elections for the SRA are held every March. Seats on the SRA are allocated by population; larger academic areas have more representation. 

If seats become vacant, by-elections are held during the school year. If you have any questions or concerns, you are encouraged to contact your SRA faculty reps at the following e-mail addresses: 

Arts & Science: sraartsci@msu.mcmaster.ca 
Business: sracom@msu.mcmaster.ca 
Engineering: sraeng@msu.mcmaster.ca 
Health Sciences: srahealth@msu.mcmaster.ca 
Humanities: srahuman@msu.mcmaster.ca 
Kinesiology: srakin@msu.mcmaster.ca 
Nursing: sranursing@msu.mcmaster.ca 
Science: srasci@msu.mcmaster.ca 
Social Sciences: srassci@msu.mcmaster.ca 

By-elections will be held in October to fill any open SRA positions from over the summer. To find out if there is a position open in your faculty, or for further information on running for a position within the SRA, contact the MSU Chief Returning Officer at election@msu.mcmaster.ca, ext. 24118.

Open MSU Member Seats



MSU member seats may be filled by any undergraduate student who is not part of the SRA. Seats are currently open on the following committees:

Neighbourhood Assistance Advisory Committee: Conducts research, develops strategies, and improves services for off campus and commuter students.

The Finance Committee: Completes a variety of finance related tasks such as: Internally audit groups that receive student fees, analyzing the effect of the minimum wage increase on the MSU, generating recommendations on finances of the organization

To join a committee please email vpfinance@msu.mcmaster.ca (Finance Committee) or vped@msu.mcmaster.ca (Neighbourhood Assistance Advisory Committee)

Those interested will be required to attend the SRA meeting on Sunday, July 16th at 10:30am and speak for a few minutes on why you would like to join this committee or send in letter of intent which states why you feel you would be the best individual to represent students to be read on your behalf. This letter should be able to read in under one minute.