Bylaws and Procedures Committee


The SRA Standing Committee on Bylaws and Procedures (B&P) is responsible for monitoring the structure of governance of the MSU. This committee reviews and proposes potential legislative changes to the SRA so as to fully empower the organization to serve the needs and interests of students.

Committee Members


David Lee


SRA Members

Ezekiel Areghan

Taylor Mertens

Jordan Cole

Natacha Ngo


MSU Members

Baraa Aydar

Suzan Eiyegbenin



How Can I Get Involved?

If you have any questions about how to get involved with the Bylaws and Procedures Committee, or are have any questions about what our committee is working on, feel free to email srabylaws@msu.mcmaster.ca. All McMaster students are welcome to attend and participate in our meetings, we'd love to have you!

Committee Documents:

2015-2016 YearPlan

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