Operations Committee


The SRA Standing Committee on Operations supervises all parameters and procedures that affect the way the MSU operates and propose suggestions for improvement in these areas. 

This committee is very important to the MSU and the greater student population because we look after the long term considerations of the MSU. Without long term planning now, tomorrow won’t be nearly so organized! Our handling of policy statements is also critical in that these statements become the voice of the MSU and indirectly that of the student body.

"We establish a strong connection between policy and physical commitment in the MSU."

For more information, review our Onboarding Package for 2016/17. 

Committee Members


Preethi Anbalagan


SRA Members

David Lee

Kathleen Quinn

Katie Pita

Sarah Kula


MSU Members 

Alicia Arnds

Lilian Obeng


How Can I Get Involved?

If you have any questions or if you want to get involved with the Operations Committee, then feel free to email the Operations Commissioner, at sraops@msu.mcmaster.ca.

Operations Documents 16/17

Ops Yearplan 16E 
Ops Update 16G

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