Student Activity Building (SAB) Space Allocation Ad-Hoc Committee

A special referendum was held in March 2017, in which students voted in favour of a new fee structure that will lead to the creation of an expanded Pulse (university gym), as well as a new Student Activity Building (SAB).


The Student Activity Building (SAB) Space Allocation Ad-Hoc Committee was struck at SRA Meeting 17C to make decisions on behalf of full-time undergraduate students as to how 40,000 ft² of as of yet unallocated space will be created. 

Taking advantage the results of previous surveys, new student feedback, and their own experiences as McMaster students, the committee members will create a list of ideas for the interior design of the space ranging from colours to furniture and present a report of recommendations to the SRA for approval.

Voting members of the committee are:

 Associate Vice President (Finance)
Alex Johnston (Chair)
SRA Members

Hargun Grewal

Menatalla Ibrahim

Andrew Bonk

MSU Members

Urszula Sitarz

Jovan Sahi

Harneet Hothi

For more information, contact Alex Johnston at

On October 23rd and 30th, all full time undergraduate students at McMaster University will have the opportunity to have direct input on the Student Activity Building. 
The architecture firm MJMA, who is designing the SAB as well as the DBAC expansion, will be on campus presenting their schematic designs for these new spaces. During these events, students will be able to critique the designs and provide any feedback or comments that they might have. 

Monday, October 23rd, 2017 - 10AM-12:30PM, MUSC Atrium

Monday, October 30th, 2017 - 10AM-12:30PM and 1:30-3:30PM, DBAC

On Sunday October 15th, the committee submitted its reccomendations to the SRA for approval. That report can be found below:

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