Student Activity Building (SAB) Space Allocation Ad-Hoc Committee

A special referendum was held in March 2017, in which students voted in favour of a new fee structure that will lead to the creation of an expanded Pulse (university gym), as well as a new Student Activity Building (SAB).


The Student Activity Building (SAB) Space Allocation Ad-Hoc Committee was struck at SRA Meeting 17C to make decisions on behalf of full-time undergraduate students as to how 40,000 ft² of as of yet unallocated space will be created. 

Taking advantage the results of previous surveys, new student feedback, and their own experiences as McMaster students, the committee members will create a list of ideas for the space, rank them by priority, and present a report of recommendations to the SRA for approval at the end of summer 2017.

Voting members of the committee are:

 Associate Vice President (Finance)
Scott Robinson (Chair)
SRA Members
Max Lightstone
Lauren Arnold
Kirstin Webb
MSU Members
Sarah Figueiredo
Mahmood Haddara
Timothy Whewitson

For more information, contact Scott Robinson at



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