University Affairs Committee


The SRA Standing Committe on University Affairs (UA) is tasked with policymaking, information gathering, and advocating on behalf of students in regards to issues within the university. Advocacy iniatives are conducted by three committees, Federal and Provincial Affairs, Municipal Affairs, and University Affairs, who work to enhance the quality of education at McMaster. While the two former committees deals with MSU relations outside the McMaster community, the University Affairs committee deals with internal MSU relations within the university that influence the student experience. In working with the Board of Directors (specifically the Vice-President Education), the University Administration, as well as campus groups and stakeholders, our committee strives to meet the needs of our students and help provide them with a high quality undergraduate experience at McMaster.

Committee Members



Tasneem Warwani


SRA Members

Nikhail Singh

Jess Anderson

Sinthu Senthillmohan

Justin Lee


MSU Members

Maanvi Dhillon

Brittany Williams


How can I get involved?

The committee is comprised of elected SRA and MSU members. While the election for these positions have already taken place, non-voting members are always welcome to attend and participate in our meetings.  

Please contact the Associate Vice-President University Affairs if you wish to get involved in the committee, have questions or project ideas, or would like more information.  All MSU members (students enrolled in 18 or more units) are always welcome to attend our meetings. Meeting times are as follows:

Tuesdays: 4:30pm - 5:30pm 

Wednesdays: 12:30pm - 1:30pm

Both meetings are held in MUSC 201, Meeting Room C.

Students are welcome to attend either meeting, it is not a requirement to attend both. Two meeting times are to allow for more students to participate in the committee. For more information on these meetings, email avpuniversity@msu.mcmaster.ca.

All of our reports and our year plan, in addition to past year's reports and year plans can be found below.

SRA Reports 2018-2019

Associate Vice-President for University Affairs, 18/19 Year Plan

Published Reports 2016-2017

OPSSS Data Analysis.pdf (45.2 KB)

EFRT Budget Submission.pdf (175 KB)

Academic Services Review report.pdf (395 KB)

SRA Reports 2016-2017

University Affairs Commissioner Year Plan 2016-2017.pdf (91.8 KB)

16H report.pdf (185 KB)

16K report.pdf (193 KB)

16O report.pdf (97.4 KB)

End of Year Report.pdf (174 KB)

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