How to Vote

Instructions on How to Vote

The voting guide is available for download here.

Step by Step Voting Instructions  

Step 1: To vote online, open a browser and visit: msumcmaster.ca/vote


Step 2: Click the Login button

Medium_screen_shot_2018-10-02_at_12.52.33_pmStep 3: Enter your Mac ID credentials 

Medium_screen_shot_2018-10-02_at_12.52.50_pmStep 4: Under Current ballots, an election will appear if you are eligible to vote

Medium_screen_shot_2018-10-02_at_12.53.05_pmStep 5: Rank the candidates in order of preference, as shown below:

Medium_screen_shot_2018-10-02_at_12.53.18_pmNote: You do NOT need to rank all candidates and you may choose NOT to vote for any position.

Step 6: Review your choices and once you’re ready, click Confirm to cast your vote

Medium_screen_shot_2018-10-02_at_12.53.41_pmStep 7: After you’ve voted, you can click below to see your voting receipt


Any inquries can be directed to elections@msu.mcmaster.ca!

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