What is the MSU? 

The McMaster Students Union (MSU) is the largest group on campus. Representing the approximately 21,000 undergraduate students of McMaster, all students enrolled in 18 (or more units) are members of the MSU.

What does the MSU do?

The MSU serves students in two main areas; political representation and the enhancement of student life.

The MSU operates over 30 business and services to serve the needs of students. As well, the MSU is the front line of student advocacy. The MSU advocates for student interests at the university, municipal, provincial and federal levels.

Who are my representatives?

At the department/faculty level, every student is represented by members of the Student Representative Assembly (SRA). Each faculty is represented in the SRA by a number of student leaders weighted to the size of the faculty (larger faculties posses more student representatives). Moreover, at the university, provincial and federal levels, students are represented by the Executive of the MSU, comprised of the President and three Vice Presidents.

Who is the Executive of the MSU?

There are four members of the Executive, called the Board of Directors. For 2015-2016, the Board of Directors consists of:

What are my student fees? 

Paid within your tution fee are several university fees and several MSU fees.

Fees Administered by the MSU: 

  • MSU Operating Fund - $125.82

  • MSU Health Plan - $111.25

  • MSU Dental Plan - $120.30

  • CFMU Operating and Capital Funds - $12.95

  • Marmor Operating Fund (MSU’s University yearbook) - $9.22

  • WUSC Refugee Scholarship - $1.54

  • HSR Bus Pass - $150.80

  • MSU-McMaster University Student Centre (MUSC) Operating Fee - $0.64 per unit (to a max of 30 units)

Fees Administered by non-MSU, non-University Bodies:

  • Incite Magazine fee - $1.00

  • Onatrio Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) - $7.93

  • McMaster Solar Car Project - $1.11

  • Engineers Without Borders - $0.39

  • McMaster Marching Band - $0.93

McMaster University Fees:

  • $4.58 per unit to a maximum of 30 units for the Student Services Fee

  • $1.22 per unit to a maximum of 30 units for the Administrative Services Fee

  • $4.72 per unit to a maximum of 30 units for the Sports Complex Building Fee

  • $117.49 for the Athletics and Recreation Activity Fee

  • $60.10 or the Student Health Services Fee

  • $116.74 Orientation Fee for all Level I, full-time undregraduate students

What is the HSR Bus pass?

The HSR Bus Pass gives you unlimited access to HSR transit from September 1 to August 31. You cannot out out of the bus pass fee. For full details, please click here

What are the MSU Health and Dental Plans?

The MSU, through our underwriters ACL Student Benefits, provides both a health and dental plan. If you can demonstrate proof of comparable coverage, you may opt-out of either or both of these plans and recieve a refund. Opt-outs must be completed by September 30th. For more information on the coverage you recieve throught these plans, or for the process to opt-out, please click here.