Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) Bus Pass

The MSU/HSR Student Bus Pass

By virtue of referendum, all full-time undergraduate students hold a 12 month, unlimited ride bus pass with the Hamilton Street Railway (HSR).

In order to qualify for an HSR bus pass the student must be eligible (as noted below) and have the HSR bus pass fee charged to their account.  The Campus Store receives a file each morning of the students that were assessed the fee the day prior, as a result there is 1 business day delay when picking up a bus pass at the register.

Students will need to present their valid student ID card to pick-up their HSR Bus Passes at the Campus Store. 


HSR Bus Pass FAQ’s

1. Where and when do eligible students pick-up their HSR bus passes?

All eligible Students can pick-up their bus passes  during store hours between August 18, 2016 and May 31, 2017 at any register in our main Campus Store Location, Gilmour Hall B101.

Due to its limited size our Health Sciences Campus Store, HSC 1G1 will only be distributing bus passes to students in the Faculty of Health Science.


2. How does the HSR bus pass work?

A student must present both the HSR bus pass and a valid student card to board the HSR.


3. When can students begin to use their new HSR bus pass?

Thursday, August 25th


4. Is there a grace period for returning students?

Yes, returning students will be able to continue riding the bus through Tuesday, September 20th 2016 by presenting the previous HSR bus pass (expiry date August 31, 2016) and a valid student ID card.  Starting Wednesday, September 21st 2016 the HSR will only accept new bus passes (expiry date of August 31st, 2017).


5. What students are ELIGIBLE for the HSR bus pass?

a.       Undergraduate and Graduate Students who are registered in 18 units total (across both terms) are charged the HSR fee to their student Account. 

b.      Physician Assistants

c.       Exchange students will not see a charge on their account as the student pays tuition through their home institution.  Exchange students should appear in the HSR bus pass file. If they do not they should contact the Student Accounts office via email at studacct@mcmaster.ca.

d.      Part-time students with disabilities can apply to become MSU students.  This application must be approved and processed in order for the student to appear in the HSR Bus Pass file.  (see point 8 below)


6. What students are NOT ELIGIBLE for the HSR bus pass?

a.      Undergrad students with 17 units or less (across both terms)

b.      Part-Time Graduate Studies

c.       Continuing Education Students

d.      Students enrolled in the programs listed here.


7. Can part-time students (17 units and less) qualify?

Part-time students can qualify under certain circumstances.  Additional details can be found online at www.msumcmaster.ca/transfer .  Students can apply for a transfer from August 15th, 2016 to September 30th, 2016.  If a student does qualify to move from MAPS to MSU and the transfer is approved, the HSR fee will be applied to their account along with other MSU related fees within 7 business days.  One business day following the HSR Fee appearing on the student’s account they can come into the store to pick up their HSR bus pass.


8. Where do student see the HSR charge on their account?

The path for students to review is Student Centre>Finances>other financial drop down box>Account Activity.  The cost for each career is:

Undergrad MSU - $150.80

Physician Assistant MSU - $150.80

Grad GSA - $198.66


9. What if a student is not in the HSR file?

a.       If a student is not in the HSR bus pass distribution file they should determine if they are eligible (see above).  If the student is eligible they should check their MOSAIC account to ensure they’ve been assessed the HSR fee.  The student should confirm the date this charge was applied to their account, remembering it takes 1 business day for their ID number to show up in the HSR bus pass distribution file.  If it’s been more than 1 business day since the HSR fee was charged and the student still is not in the HSR bus pass distribution file the student should email the Student Accounts office at studacct@mcmaster.ca

b.      If the student has not been assessed the fee but feel they are eligible to receive a HSR pass (see above) they should email theStudent Accounts office at studacct@mcmaster.ca


10. How do I get a replacement card?

The Campus Store is responsible for the initial distribution of bus passes.  All replacement cards are handled by the Compass Information Centre located on the first floor of MUSC.  A student’s first bus pass replacement will cost $25 and a second time replacement will cost $40. In each case, if a McMaster University student card was also lost, the replacement fee will be reduced by an additional $10.  Subsequent lost cards will be charged at a rate of $100, escalating to $150 for further replacements.  Should a person require additional replacements beyond two cards, one must contact HSR@msu.mcmaster.cato discuss the case. There is the possibility of special financial consideration; each circumstance of this nature will be handled on a case-by-case basis.   Please note, damaged cards will be replaced at Compass Information Centre for no cost. A damaged card must be relinquished at the time of receiving the replacement card for no cost.