On October 27th, 2014, the city of Hamilton will determine the new Mayor of the city as well as it's Ward Councillors  - and we want to ensure that MacVotes and the student voice is heard!

Voting is an important and powerful function of your democratic rights, be it at a federal, provincial, or municipal level. Your opinion and your vote can and do matter, and they make a significant impact in the direction Hamilton takes as a city. As a postsecondary student, you are eligible to vote as long as you are a Canadian citizen over the age of 18 residing in the local municipal region. You can vote for both the Mayoral candidate you feel best resonates with you, as well as for the Ward Councillor candidates in your immediate area.

The issues inherent to an election are complex, however that does not mean they should be avoided. It is important for students to take an informed stance, especially given the declining voter turnout in federal and provincial elections. Although voter turnout was higher in the last provincial election than previous years, it is up to you - as engaged students and citizens - to continue that trend at all levels of governemnt. 

As students, you represent a large and vital demographic. In order to communicate what you feel are pressing issues, it is important that you are informed and ready to vote come October 27th. So take the time to look over the information on this site and review the Election FAQs, the Mayoral Candidates, and the Ward 1 Councillor Candidates. Read more into the issues that matter to you, be it student residence, city transit, or economic policy. Follow debates leading up the election, and don't hesitate to get involved and ask questions relevant to you. Visit this page often to stay up to date, and share your thoughts and opinions with us via Twitter and Facebook while spreading the word with the #MacVotes hash tag.

Remember to raise your voice this election, and to help direct Hamilton in a direction you feel is important for the future of the city and McMaster. On October 27th, show them that MacVotes!