On June 7, 2018 Ontarians will vote in the Provincial General Election. The results of which will determine a new Ontario government. MacVotes is an initiative by the McMaster Students Union to ensure that McMaster students have the tools and information they need to cast informed ballots.

Voting is an important and powerful function of your democratic rights. Your opinion and your vote can and do matter, and they make a real difference in the direction of our province and country. As a post secondary student, you are eligible to vote as long as you are:

  • a Canadian citizen

  • over the age of 18

  • residing in Ontario

You can vote where you go to school or in your hometown, and help elect the member of provincial parliament (MPP) that you feel best represents you. 

It is important that students feel informed and ready to vote come June 7th. Take time to look over the information on this site and review the Local Candidates and Election FAQs pages. Read more into the issues that matter to you, be it educational, environmental, or economic policy. Follow debates on a provincial and local level, watch the livestream of the MSU's Provincial Candidates Debate on May 29th and do not hesitate to get involved and ask questions relevant to you. Visit this page often to stay up to date, and share your thoughts and opinions via Twitter and Facebook while spreading the word with #MacVotes. 

Remember to raise your voice this election, to help direct the government in a direction you feel is important for the future of Ontario, and to show people that MacVotes!