Along with the Mayoral candidates, during the election on October 22nd you can also vote for Ward Councillors in your immediate region. McMaster is located in Ward 1, and currently has thirteen registered candidates running to be our City Councillor.

In lieu of a debate, AVP: Municipal Affairs Shemar Hackett contacted each candidate and asked them five questions regarding their platform and it's relevance to McMaster students. Each candidate’s response can be view by clicking on their name below, or selecting their name from the sub-menu to the left. 

We encourage you to take the time to review each candidates information, as well as their individual platforms.

Candidate Information

Who are they?

Relevant platform points

Sophie Geffros

  • Longtime housing and transit advocate 
  • Worked on the #FixTheHSR campaign 
  • Grad student in Health and Aging at McMaster 
  • President of the HWAD NDP riding association
  • Work with the MSU to facilitate peer-to-peer bylaw education
  • Ensure all high-traffic areas have bike lanes
  • End unsafe illegal students’ rentals
  • Move a motion calling for landlord licensing by the end of 2019
  • Have the 51-university route run year round
  • Increasing the amount of bus shelters across

Linda Narducci

  • Founding member of Mustard Seed Co-op
  • Has previously worked on local election campaigns
  • Has sat on the Kirkendall Neighborhood Association
  • Employed at St Joseph Parish for 13 years
  • Work with developers and landlords to create equitable housing rates
  • Supports the LRT; wants to transit to accommodate growth across the city
  • Increase in red light cameras, speed bumps, 2-way streets and bikes lanes across the ward
  • Ensure the city is prioritizing our carbon footprint when it comes to growths in development

Syed Bakht


  • United Way -- Finance Department 






Ela Eroglu

  • Member of the Ontario Association of Architects
  • Member of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce
  • Previously a senior staff member for the City of Mississauga
  • Provide every Hamiltonian with safe and affordable housing
  • Wants safe and friendly streets for cars, cyclists and pedestrians
  •  In favour of the LRT
  • Have constituents more involved with City Council

Richard Massie



  • Previously a Paramedic 
  • Code White Crisis Intervention Team member
  • Multi-Location Store Manager Brewers Retail
  • Recieved his Bachelor of Commerce in Economics






  • Economic Development 
  • Infastructure and Housing 
  • Enhance, Protect and Maintain Clean Greenspaces for Everyone

Jasen Allen

  • Quality and Training Leader at Metrolinx
  • Sat on the Ward 1 Participatory Budget Advisory Committee since 2013
  • Member of the Kirkendall Neighbourhood Association’s Development Review Committee
  • Executive for the Down Syndrome Association of Hamilton
  • Worked for Metrolinx for seven years


  • Fix traffix in Ward 1
  • Fix the HSR
  • Creating a safer neighbourhood RE: student housing and petty crime
  • Smarter economic growth/development

Sharon Elizabeth Cole




  • Board Director on the Elizabeth Fry Society in Hamilton
  • Board Director with the St. John Canada Foundation
  • Member of the Advertising and Sales Club of Hamilton
  • Executive Committee of the Hamilton Ringette Association





  • Economic Growth
  • Housing Solutions 
  • Government Transperency and Collaborations
  • Improved Public Transportation

Maureen Wilson

  • Served as Mayor Bob Wade’s Chief of Staff for the two years immediately following amalgamation


  • Sits on the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board’s transition advisory committee
  • Strengthening Our Neighbourhoods
  • Building Public Transit
  • Creating Safe, Shred Streets,
  • Making Strategic, Sustainable Infrastructure Investments,
  • Ensuring Inclusivity and Affordability,
  • Enhancing Our Public Spaces

Harrison White

  • Double major in Criminal Justice and Public Policy, and Political Science








  • Affordable Housing 
  • Accessiblity 
  • Transit 
  • Waste Management

Lyla Miklos

  • Owner of Lyla - The Publicist
  • Former Student Rep on Mohawk College's Student Association
  • Former Member of the City of Hamilton's GLBT Advisory Committee and Status of Women Committee
  • Host & Producer of Centre Stage on 101.5 FM The Hawk
  • Ensuring that Hamilton is barrier free for all regardless of gender, sexuality, race or religion
  • Affordable housing
  • Increasing the visibility if the robust arts scene in Hamilton
  • Creating sustainable communities
  • Eliminating the practise of police carding
  • HSR – having a dependable and efficient public transit system
  • Safe injection sites

Sharon Anderson

  • MA in engeneering and management 
  • Municipal engeneering consultant 






Jorden Geertsma








Carol E. Lazich

  • Former president of the president of the Strathcona Community Council.
  • Financial accountability and transparency
  • Sustainable economic development
  • Growth and expansion of new business
  • Complete Transit solutions
  • Safer communities







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