MSU offers free, confidential mental health and wellness support through the Student Assistance Plan

August 27, 2020 at 12:00 pm

The McMaster Students Union aims to improve student access to mental health support as a function of its services and offerings. As such, the Student Assistance Plan (SAP) offers an array of support systems to McMaster students. The SAP is a free, confidential, voluntary, and accessible program that provides mental health support to students. It includes services such as therapy, counselling, and a helpline. The same resources are also offered to the students' roommates and immediate family members. Students can usually expect to receive support within 24-48 hours.

Although there are a wide range of other services on-campus that can provide similar support, students often report long wait times, which pose a barrier to accessing immediate help. The SAP is aimed to reduce these wait times and redirect students from other services when needed, making help more accessible.

Other aspects of SAP include academic-life services such as legal consultation, financial consultation, life coaching, nutritional consultation, and resources on topics ranging from parenting to everyday life. With the fall semester shifting online, the SAP’s remote yet confidential support will be integral for students’ wellbeing. Students can access SAP through the McMaster page on the Real Campus website.

For more information, click here, visit, email, text 647-494-8383, or call 1-877-390-7325 to get started.

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