MSU health & dental insurance opt-out runs until the end of September

September 8, 2020 at 09:00 am

Full-time McMaster undergraduate students (those taking 18 or more units) are automatically covered under the MSU Health and Dental Insurance plans. Beginning September 1 and continuing throughout the academic year until August 31, the plans offer benefits ranging from prescription and vision care to dental examinations. The plans are also valid for out-of-province students. Further details of the plans can be found here.

Students must provide proof of alternative health and/or dental coverage to be eligible to opt-out of the MSU plans (provincial insurance, such as OHIP is not sufficient). Students who have existing coverage and want to opt-out of the MSU plans can do so anytime between September 1 and September 30, 2020. The opt-out circumstances for students living inside Canada is the same. Click here for more information on opting-out.

In response to COVID-19 and the fall semester being held online, there are some exceptions to the opt-out option. The Health and Dental plans do not work outside of Canada. Therefore, students living outside of Canada may leave the plan(s) without proof of coverage. The plan fee(s) will be credited back to a respective student’s account. Subsequently, if a student moves back to Canada for a possible in-person winter semester or otherwise, they are strongly encouraged to resume their Health and Dental insurance. This option will be available in January. The pricing of the plans will remain the same, as students are able to receive the full coverage value same coverage. 

Please note that there are no exceptions to the opt-out deadline of September 30.

For more information, contact: 

Victoria Scott 
Administrative Service Coordinator
(905) 525 9140 ext. 23251  

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